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*** Questions and Answers ***

Is there still room?
Yes! We would love you to come. You can register here: https://111marketinglessons.com/now
Remember, use "earlybird" for $500 off.

When I get home after the event what will be able to do?
The two day training is structured so you will walk away with two things. First, you will understand at a conceptual level how I run my business and my marketing. More importantly you will understand why I have structured by business in this way so that you can apply the ideas that are right for you to your own work.

Second, the bulk of the class will be in the form of actionable steps that you can take right away. Because each lesson will be taught with real world examples you will see how to apply it to your own business.

Here are the outcomes of what you will learn in each module:

  • Module 1 will show you how to create a plan to communicate with customers, help you determine which steps need to be taken, and decide which are the most valuable steps to be taken first.
    • You will say: "I’m no longer just stabbing the in dark. I now know exactly what the goal of each email, blog post, web page, tweet, status update, audio and video is and how it fits into the big picture, serves my clients, and grows my business."
  • Module 2 will teach you to communicate clearly about what your products and services do and make it easier for your customers to make buying decisions.
    • You will say: "I now know how to talk about my work and my products in such a way that my clients see exactly how they fit into their lives."
  • Module 3 will give you the tools to create a client base that is looking forward to hearing from you (and buying from you) because they know when you communicate it will serve them and make their lives better.
    • Your customers will say when they get your emails: "I can’t wait to see what they have to say this time!"
  • Module 4 will teach you how to create useful and desirable offerings which are much easier to sell.
    • You will say: "I am no longering creating products and hoping they resonate with my customer. I know what they need and want to buy!"
  • Module 5 will teach you how to write in a way that doesn’t feel painful and time consuming, but instead makes writing an easy and manageable task.
    • You will say: "I am no longer dreading sitting down to write. I am actually looking forward to it!"
  • Module 6 will prevent you from shooting yourself in the foot by avoiding the things that confuse your customers. Instead you will help customers see how your products and services fit into their lives.
    • Your customers will say: "I can see clearly how that will improve my life. I need that!"
  • Module 7 will teach you to communicate with your clients in manageable chunks that are easy to understand and will prompt them to develop a craving for wanting more of what you have to offer.
    • Your customers will say: "That was so useful. I want to know what else they have to offer."
  • Module 8 will give you the tools that will help you to communicate more clearly with your potential customers to educate them on what they are struggling with and how you can be helpful to them.
    • Your customers will say: "Wow! I didn’t know it was that bad. I am glad I found this product/service so I can deal with this before it gets any worse."

What materials am I going to walk away with?
Each of the 8 modules comes with a spiral notebook including all the lessons and all of my slides. In addition to the content there will be lots of space in the notebooks for you to take additional notes.

You will also take home a library of marketing, writing, and communication books that I use in my own practice. (Note: If you don’t want to carry the books home I will happily to mail them to you after the event.)

Am I going to get a chance to try out anything I am learning while I am there?
Yes, there will be a number of exercises and opportunities to try out what you are learning. You will receive feedback from your classmates and from me. I believe it is really important to try things out in order to learn.

Is there some sort of money back guarantee?
If you are not completely satisfied by what you are learning by lunch time on Saturday I will give you a full refund on the spot. No questions asked.

Do I have to stay at the hotel?
No. We have a group of rooms set aside at the hotel at the discounted rate of $99, but you can stay where you like. There are two hotels that share the same parking lot as our host hotel and many others within a 5 minute drive.

How easy is it to get to Baltimore?
Super easy! One of the reasons I chose Baltimore is because the airport is one of the cheapest to fly in and out of in the US. We are also very close to the Amtrak station. (That is how I am getting to the event!)

Are you going to record the class and make it available for purchase later?
At this point there are no plans to record the class.

Register Now: https://111marketinglessons.com/now and remember to use "earlybird" for $500 off.

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